Heart Centered

I had an amazing sound healing session with Tara! Prior to our session I was stressed and overall off balance. I wasn't surprised at how calm and peaceful I felt afterwards. However, her heart centered session is what stands out from any other. Unlike group sound healing sessions this was attuned to my specific needs. Tara's loving nature delivered an enjoyable and memorable healing session. I would recommend this to anyone seeking a refreshing and rejuvenating experience!


Connected to my Higher Self

It was a complete act of self care as how often do we dedicate a full hour to ourselves. My entire body was tingling and the sounds allowed me to completely surrender. My ethereal being elevated above my body and white healing light was connected to my physical body. I truly felt connected to my higher self.



It is an amazing and rejuvenating experience of spirit. I fall asleep every time, but, I'm far from asleep. I love it!


Vibration Healing

Very relaxing. Vibration Healing. Sense of awareness to my body.


Re-charge Your Spirit

It is time to relax with like-minded people and focus on the wavelengths that harmonize your body and recharge your spirit.



It was very relaxing and fun. Gives you a good environment to pause and self reflect, or just De-stress!


An Orchestra of Sound

Tara is very warm and inviting She asks at first if anyone does not want touch because is sensitive to sound. Starts with a verbal meditation. Tara flows with every instrument like an orchestra of sound. Calm, soothing, and relaxing



The introduction to the meditation session was amazing and exciting. The man's voice in the audio was very calming and inviting. The sound of the crystal bowls were very uplifting and healing bringing a sense of comfort. I really enjoyed every bit of this meditation session.


Magical Forest

I absolutely loved the whole experience. Surrounded by scents and sounds. I felt peace. I felt like I was wondering through the magical forest where I feel like I have been to before in my dreams. I felt I was home. I want to cry now. I miss my grandparents very, very much. Thank you for everything and a wonderful evening.



I enjoyed the whole experience. Sounds, meditation, incense. It was very relaxing. I do similar activities on my own. It was nice to try as a group. Loved everything.



Positive and Relaxing!


Started to Drift Away

I felt the vibrations of all the instruments. After a couple of minutes my mind started to drift away without me even knowing. I fell asleep for a few minutes.



Loved it! Great Experience! Beautiful! xoxo


Hope They Happen More

Amazing experience of self discovery and peace. Loved the guided introduction. Hope they happen more often.


Loved Everything

I really loved the bowls and when you brought the different instruments near my head. I loved everything about the experience except the music (it was a little distracting).


Felt Extremely Grounded

I enjoy listening to ASMR and this experience was very similar. When I first closed my eyes and listened to the Chimes and sharp pangs of metal instruments I felt somewhat uncomfortable. After a time, especially when the bowls were introduced, I simply allowed myself to feel the vibrations and at that point I felt extremely grounded. It was Lovely!!


Entered a Cosmic Womb

Wow! I have never experienced anything like this before. It felt as though I stepped into another dimension; one with no words or thoughts, only sound. I felt as though the vibrations were holding me and sustaining me as though I had entered a cosmic womb.


How Beautiful We All Are

There is a method to the sound healing. It feels like the gong cleanses out the negativity, preparing the chakras to receive the higher vibrations from the crystal bowls. Then the tuning begins. The drum at the ends grounds us to Grandmother Earth and the added vocals connect us to source. This sound healing reminds us how beautiful we all are and that we are already forgiven. It opens up our energy fields to receive that forgiveness.


Felt my Father's Presence

I felt relaxed and at ease. I felt the need to emerge and kneel, opening my diaphram, my heart chakra, to the space. I can't explain the release. I felt my father's presence (who passed away). I felt my strengths and my weaknesses. I let go. When the sounds were far I let go most. As they got closer I was restless which leads me to believe there are still issues I need to work through. The card pulled from the deck was eerily true - trying to let go of a situation which no longer serves me. This doesn't do it justice, you just have to experience it yourself and see.


Complete Bliss

The experience is a very deep sound journey that resonates through all your chakras. Each time you come it is a different journey. The overall feeling is complete bliss. After the session you feel amazingly calm and maybe a bit "buzzed."