At Work

Incorporating creative meditation at work benefits your staff, your company, and you.

Do you and your employees need a break?

Does the stress seem to come home with you even after work is out?

Want employees to have more clarity so they can focus and learn new ideas?

Do you want you and your staff to feel more confident releasing negative thought patterns and increasing an overall value of self?

Do you want to improve the quality of work and customer service you and your staff are providing to others?

Do you want your staff to get along better, work more like team players?

Do you want more innovative and creative ideas?

Would you like to just do something helpful and healthy for yourself and you staff as an appreciation for all the hard work you all do?

If even one of these questions you answered yes to then lets talk.

I can come to your office(s) monthly or bi-monthly and provide customized sound session meditations based on the needs for you and your staff.