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With all the unnecessary violence going on in the wold around us we should practice these 3 things daily:


Love Unconditionally – love all walks of life, do not judge, forgive, be patient, be good to yourself and others, be thankful, love even when it seems like it is too hard to, do a random act of kindness. The littlest things sometimes can make a huge impact in someones life.

Try: Every day tell yourself at least 3 things you love about you. Also, tell at least one person something you love about them

Listen Without Distractions – When you actively listen you are not thinking of what you are going to say next, you are not engaged with your electronics, you are really hearing what the other person is trying to tell you. If you are distracted you are not completely hearing the words coming from their heart, you may not pick up on their facial expressions and body language that can tell you sometimes even more than what the words they are saying do. Ask questions, engage.

Try: Have at least one conversation a day where you are fully engaged in what the other person is saying by putting whatever you are doing or wanting to say aside and actively listening to that person. Do you feel like you both left the conversation feeling fulfilled and informed?

Lead By Example – BE LOVE – When you are love it resonates to everyone around, you feel good and that makes others feel good. You are showing up and being that example of how easy and nice it is to love. Give hugs.

Try: Start by giving / receiving at least 4 hugs a day and increase the number to 15 per day within 4 weeks. If you can increase your number before the 4 weeks is up you can stop at 15 or you can keep getting more and more. Hugs are free, healthy, and real so the more the merrier.

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